42crmo4 1 7225 alloy steel round bar.Do you want results only for 42crmo2 1 7225 alloy steel round bar? 42CrMo4 DIN 1.7225 Steel Round Bar Plate Material 42crmo2 1 7225 alloy steel round bar

42CrMo4 steels bar and plate can be annealed, quenched, and forged. Here are some points that we need to know about it. 1. Forging 1050-850 2. Rolling 1050-850 3. Quenching 820-860 / O, W (Austenitizing Period at least 30min; Quenching Agent Oil or Water) 4. Tempering 540-680 5. Normalizing Annealing 840-880 6. Soft Annealing 680-720 7. End Quench Test 850±5 42Crmo4 Steel Round Bar Characteristics Application 42Crmo4 Steel Bar Sheet Plate Supply High strength and hardenability Great toughness, the deformation is small in the quenching It has high creep resistance and long-time strength

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